Perfect-Fit Blinds Problems & How to Fix Them


Whatever perfect-fit blinds problems you encounter, they shouldn’t include struggling to achieve, well, the perfect fit. These blinds are made to sit flush against a window rather than across and on top of its opening.

While you won’t typically need to drill holes and put up curtain poles during their installation, problems can still arise with perfect-fit blinds after the fitting stage.

Here are some common blinds problems and how to solve them…

5 Common Perfect-Fit Blinds Problems

Key to the appeal of perfect-fit blinds is that, once in place, they will look neat, clean and professional. This is because the blinds are inserted in an aluminium frame and clipped to each pane of glass.

Still, as perfect-fit blinds come in many different forms (fancy a stylish pleated blind or would you prefer the blinds to open by twisting or rolling instead?), you might encounter the occasional issue if they’re not fitted right.

#1: My Perfect-Fit Blinds Won’t Roll Correctly

Yes, perfect-fit blinds can be sourced as roller blinds, too. However, over time,

you may notice that these blinds begin rolling up and down at a pace either slower or faster than what you’re used to.

How to Fix It:

If you have spring tensioned roller blinds and the blinds don’t stay in the closed position, the tension spring could be to blame and be too tight. Take the following steps to rectify the issue:

  • Roll the blind as far down as it will go and lock into place
  • pop off the top right of the roller cover
  • Take out the red retaining clip
  • Use an allen key to release some of the tension by turning clockwise
  • Put the red retaining clip back in place
  • Replace the roller cover and your blind should stay fully down

If the blind rolls up too quickly in your hands, follow the steps above, just turn the allen key anti-clockwise. Remember to always keep hold of the blind when operating it to avoid the blind banging at the top or running off.

#2: My Perfect-Fit Blinds Are Uneven

The whole idea of perfect-fit blinds is that they are made to fit snugly against your window. However, our products are based on your measurements, so double-checking your window sizes is crucial to achieving that seamless application with zero gaps.

The cause of uneven blinds varies between type and function. Our perfect-fit blinds do not come with cords – unlike, say, many bespoke Roman blinds we offer. So, cord strings are unlikely to be the culprit in this scenario.

How to Fix It:

There are a couple of reasons for uneven perfect-fit blinds that apply to Venetian, cellular, roller and pleated options:

  • Ensure you’ve securely fitted the bracket to a clean and even surface. Have you placed the bracket firmly between the window pane and the rubber window seal? if not, this could lead to uneven blinds.
  • If your roller blinds are rolling up at an angle, let the blinds roll down and back up again to ensure the fabric is evenly distributed on both sides.
  • No matter the style of perfect-fit blind, bracket adjustments are a good place to start. Try adjusting the bracket on the side where it looks lower, it might need to move higher up.
  • Pleated blinds rely on tension to keep the pleats crisp, neat and even. If your pleated perfect-fit blinds are on the wonky side, remove the blind to fine-tune the mechanisms. Sometimes, all it takes is a little manual fluffing on the sagging areas to reduce the uneveness.

#3: My Perfect-Fit Blinds Don’t Retract Evenly

We can provide perfect-fit blinds in various designs and styles. However, the aesthetic appeal of these blinds can be easily spoiled if they do not fold up neatly.

How to Fix It:

  • First step, inspect! Check for any damage to the mechanism, debris in the fabric and fabric damage.
  • Roller blinds may need rerolling again to re-centre the fabric.
  • Misalignment between the blinds and the window frame could also cause uneven retraction. Make sure they are well-aligned – don’t be afraid to take the bracket down and start again if necessary.

#4: My Perfect-Fit Blinds Have a Damaged Slat

We can even manufacture Venetian blinds in perfect-fit form, with slats strung together. Sadly, many people with venetian blinds make the mistake of discarding them simply due to a single slat incurring damage.

How to Fix It:

  • Check with your manufacturer whether replacement slats are available.
  • Take down the blind and slide out the damaged slat
  • If a replacement slat isn’t available, you’re not out of options. Minor damage can be repaired with fabric adhesive and a small patch of matching material
  • Alternatively, reach out to a specialist to fix your damaged blind slat
  • Reattach the blind itself to the window

#5: My Perfect-Fit Blinds Don’t Actually Fit the Frame Correctly

How well perfect-fit blinds fit will strongly depend on how carefully they are measured and installed. For this reason, you can take comfort from our associations with these professional bodies:

As noted previously, so long as the measurements you supply are correct, there should be no issues with the sizing or installation.

At Solaire Blinds, we’ve been serving happy clients with perfect-fit blinds for many years. Thanks to our attention to quality, detail and customer satisfaction, perfectly manufactured blinds is our standard.

Do Perfect-Fit Blinds Damage Window Seals?

You might be considering adding perfect-fit blinds to a particular window but fear how its seals could be affected. After all, window seals are crucial for preventing:

  • Draughts
  • Heat loss
  • Water ingress
  • Noise infiltration

However, there is a good reason why ‘broken window seals’ are not among the perfect-fit blinds problems detailed on this page.

As long as perfect-fit blinds are installed correctly, they should not harm window seals. With our team of CSCS-qualified installers, we can ensure that your perfect-fit blinds are put up in the right way.

Unlike traditional blinds, those of the perfect-fit variety are slid between the glass and its decorative beading. As a result, these blinds do not even make contact with the seals.

Looking to Find Perfect-Fit Blinds With a Guaranteed Seamless Fit?

We will not only supply and fit your blinds but also offer a 12-month guarantee on any products you purchase from us. We can serve domestic and commercial clients in Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding West Yorkshire areas.

To arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your home or office and help you choose from the many different perfect-fit blinds solutions we offer, please contact Solaire Blinds today via our handy online contact form.



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