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Too often, when buying blinds for a bedroom, it’s easy to simply pick up whatever blind looks good in a photo. This rash decision overlooks how appropriate that window dressing could be for your particular bedroom. After all, your bedroom is far from just another space in your home.

It’s the space where you could spend nearly half of your 24-hour day sleeping. Unfortunately, your chosen blind for the bedroom window could surprisingly hamper your slumber – especially if you bought that blind largely just for its aesthetic appeal.

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t consider a broad variety of colours for your bedroom blind. However, you also need to think about how this window dressing solution could affect your sleep.

Our internal body clocks sync with light changes they pick up on throughout the day, enabling us to instinctively tell when to wake up and when to wind down. Therefore, you should help out your internal body clock by investing in a window blind capable of signalling that it’s time for bed.

This can work well if you will be buying a window blind for the bedroom of a baby or newborn, as the little one would still be figuring out the difference between day and night.

Having provided high-quality blinds in various stunning fabrics for years in Leeds and the nearby areas of Wakefield and Dewsbury, we are well-positioned to advise you about what blinds to choose for bedrooms. You can get in touch with a member of our staff by filling in our online contact form or giving us a ring on 0345 222 0138. Alternatively, head to our Wakefield blinds showroom and take a look at some of our range.

What Blinds Are Best for Bedrooms?

It can be a somewhat arduous question to answer. However, essentially, you want blinds that would let you enjoy an uninterrupted snooze during the night, and foster a pleasant ambience during the day. Here are a few examples of our blinds that would be up to the task.

Hexagon yellow vertical blinds in a bedroom



If you work late or do night shifts, one common bugbear of your life is probably trying to get to sleep when abundant sunlight is continuing to trickle into your bedroom from outside, tricking your mind into thinking it shouldn’t be sleeping. In situations like this, roller blinds can help.

A roller blind consists of a single piece of fabric you would roll out of a tube as you cover the window for the night. Except, with roller blinds, you wouldn’t just have to do it at night. Using roller blinds from our stock, you can effectively minimise the amount of sunlight that gets into your bedroom.

Of course, roller blinds are available in various colours and designs, making it easy for you to choose ones that fit in with the overall look of your bedroom. Furthermore, the simplistic way these blinds are made means they can be seamlessly fitted into a wide range of window recesses.

You don’t have to fret about your choice of colour, be it light, dark or somewhere in-between, compromising the blackout effect. That’s because this effect is achieved using a blackout fabric panel that is built into every single one of the blinds.




When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This includes buying, for your bedroom, blinds that look smooth and dent-free when closed, and stack up evenly in fabric panels when opened. This describes Roman blinds which would make a stylish and elegant solution for your bedroom windows.

We offer Roman blinds in a wide range of colours, fabrics, and textures. Consequently, you can easily find Roman blinds that complement or accentuate the aesthetic for which you already strive to achieve in your bedroom.

One big reason for the enduring popularity of Roman blinds is that, in form and function, they fall somewhere between curtains and blinds. Roman blinds are as insulating as curtains while also able to save as much space as blinds, making them well-suited to small but potentially chilly bedrooms.

As opening a Roman blind involves cascading the fabric instead of rolling it, you can easily use Roman blinds to filter the sunlight that shines into your bedroom. Whether you want to let just a little light through or take advantage of one of our Roman blinds fitted with a blackout lining, you are covered. And, more to the point, so is your bedroom window.

Bedroom with vertical blinds


A popular choice for larger windows, vertical blinds are cut into multiple slats that are easy to adjust in response to the sun’s positioning. This allows you to let more or less light in as and when you prefer.

Want to settle down to sleep? Then tilt those slats by 180 degrees to shut them flat against each other. This results in the bedroom being plunged into darkness. The following morning, you could tilt the slats by 90 degrees so that your bedroom can bathe in as much sunlight as possible.

The vertical blinds we offer include blackout models, enabling you to maximise the light-restricting benefits of this type of window dressing. We can also apply an anti-glare coating to vertical blinds you order from us so that you can reduce sun glare if your bedroom window faces the sun.

Don’t worry if your bedroom window recess seems a particularly awkward size. We offer made-to-measure vertical blinds where we can cut the slats to just the right length for your window. As a result, you can expect a close fit and, the best part is that we can do the fitting itself at your home in and around Leeds.


Ready To Add Some Stylish Blinds To Your Bedroom?

Get in touch with Solaire Blinds today! We can supply you with various other kinds of blinds – including Venetian blinds, wooden blinds and shutters – for your home in, or close to, Leeds. All of our fantastic blinds come in many beautiful fabrics. You can talk to us about the options available by phoning us on 0345 222 0138 or filling in our online contact form.


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