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Perfect Fit Blinds are those that slot neatly onto the door or window’s frame, without the need for drilling or screws. Whether you choose the Roller, Venetian, Wooden, Pleated or the Cellular version, the blind moves with the door or window when opened and closed for effortless integration, and is operated by a tensioned bottom bar and a wand to tilt the venetian slats. They are ideal for Bi-fold doors and conservatories, where shade and ventilation are key.

Perfect Fit Blinds slot neatly within your door or window’s frame, without the need for drilling or screws.

Whether you choose Roller, Venetian, Wooden, Pleated or the Cellular style blinds – the blinds move with the door or window when opened and closed for effortless integration. The blinds do not flap or shift as you move the door or window, as they are clipped neatly into the frame. 

They are operated by a tensioned bottom bar and a wand to tilt the venetian slats. They are ideal for french doors and conservatories, where shade and ventilation are key in the summer months, and light is required in the winter months.

Pleated Madrid Chrome perfect fit blinds in a dining room

Louvolite’s Perfect Fit Blinds

We supply Louvolite’s Perfect Fit profile. Frames can match your door or window wonderfully, with options including white, silver, anthracite grey, brown, mahogany and golden oak for design flow.

Our blinds are as fabulous as they are functional, with designs ranging from the contemporary and modern, to the niche. With no gaps, privacy is ensured, and a blackout fabric guarantees optimal light control. Moisture-resistant fabrics work wonders in the bathroom and kitchen, protecting the windows from the effects of condensation.

What Has Made Perfect Fit Blinds So Popular?

The lack of cords and control cables is a big reason for the rise in popularity of perfect fit blinds. This makes them neater, less hassle and child safe. Of course, the aesthetic appeal of having a perfectly flush set of blinds is also a big selling point. The whole window or door frame is far neater and more visually pleasing – allowing you to explore your interior design skills more freely and creatively around your windows and doors. 

Perfect fit blinds are convenient, practical, visually pleasing and available for different styles – including Roller, Venetian, Wooden, Pleated and many more. You can also customise the colour or pattern of your blinds to suit your style and preferences. So, it really isn’t hard to see why perfect fit blinds have become so popular!


What Are The Benefits Of Perfect Fit Blinds?

If you have decided to fit your windows with blinds, you may be wondering whether perfect fit blinds are right for you. After all, what benefits exactly do perfect fit blinds offer that other blinds don’t? Well, here we have taken the time to outline exactly why so many of our customers here at Solaire Blinds choose perfect fit blinds for their home or office! Some of the benefits of perfect blinds include: 

  • Thermal efficiency – Because perfect fit blinds are, by their very nature, perfectly fitted to your window frame and window sill, they actually offer amazing thermal efficiency. In summer they will help to keep temperatures down and in winter they can help to keep temperatures up. The hidden benefit here is, of course, that perfect fit blinds can actually create long term cost savings by bringing down your heating bill during winter and preventing the need for as much air conditioning in summer!
  • Privacy and light control – Our stunning collection of perfect fit blinds will fit flush on your window frame. This means that there are absolutely no gaps to worry about, meaning that you can enjoy improved privacy and greater light control throughout the day. This is one of the reasons that perfect fit blinds are particularly popular among our customers when installed in rooms that see a lot of direct sunlight, such as conservatories. 
  • Save space – Whether you are going for perfect fit roller blinds, perfect fit Venetian blinds or any other option, you want a solution that is as clutter free as possible – something that perfect fit blinds are perfect for! They take up minimal space and keep your window sills and floor perfectly clutter free. 
  • Child safe – Perfect fit blinds are a great choice for families because they are so child friendly. These blinds don’t use cords and instead operate using handles or tabs. This means that there aren’t any loose cords for children to play around with and potentially get stuck on, making them a great choice for children’s bedroom windows. 
  • Minimal maintenance required – One aspect that makes perfect fit blinds stand out so much is that they are incredibly easy to remove. In fact, all you really need to do is simply unclip them from the glass! This makes your perfect fit blinds incredibly easy to maintain, because they can be quickly unclipped for a thorough clean before being easily reinstalled again! 
  • Easy installation – Perfect fit blinds sit in their very own stylish frame, meaning that you needn’t worry about needing to have any drilling or screwing performed for installation. They fit neatly within their frame rather than being drilled directly into the wall – amazing for a convenient and quick option that avoids you having to make any last marks on your wall and window sill! 

Quick Snap Benefits of Perfect Fit Blinds

  • Sleek and elegant
  • Less wall clutter
  • No drilling or nailing
  • Allow more natural light in your room
  • Helps to keep heat in
  • No cords or controls
  • Child safe

Great Places to Use Perfect Fit Blinds


As perfect fit blinds work really well on bi-fold doors, French doors and patio doors; they make a great addition to any conservatory or house extension. Simple, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing – you can usually even choose a colour to match your UPVC.

Awkward Windows

Perfect fit blinds are ideal for unusual or awkwardly placed windows, especially if you don’t have much space around them. Our perfect fit blinds will not take up any wall space, or much space on your window sill either.

Glass Panelled Doors

Glass panelled doors can be both elegant and beautiful, but do not allow for the control of light entering your room. A set of perfect fit blinds means you can choose how much light can or cannot enter your space, and how much privacy you’re comfortable with.

Listed Buildings

Because these blinds fit neatly within the inside of your door or window frame, with no drilling or screws, they are ideal for listed buildings. You do not have to damage any of the walls or fixtures in order to hang these blinds. This also makes them ideal for rented properties.

What Makes Solaire Blinds Your Perfect Fit?

If you live in the Leeds or Wakefield area and you are in the market for a set of new blinds, look no further than Solaire Blinds. We are proud to be the home of top quality, affordable blinds, awnings and shutters. Our extensive experience within the blinds industry – over 3 decades worth – means we can find the perfect solution for you quickly and efficiently. 

We offer a wide range of beautiful perfect fit blinds and can provide solutions for any type of window. These include Vertical, Venetian, Roman, Roller, Wooden and Panel blinds. Rest assured Solaire Blinds has the perfect solution for your perfect fit blind needs! 

You can visit our showroom to see our full range of perfect fit blinds alongside our colour and design options. Alternatively, if it is more convenient for you, we can arrange to visit you at your property instead. This way, you can choose a design in the comfort of your own home or workplace, and we can gather some early measurements and an understanding of your design ideas at the same time. 

We carry out both domestic and commercial projects across the Leeds and Wakefield areas. If you require a quote or just some initial information in these areas please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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