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Looking for bespoke, high-quality blinds for your home and want to obtain a quote as quickly as possible? That’s exactly what Solaire Blinds are here for. We create bespoke blinds in a range of styles, colours and materials to suit the preferences of our valued customers. We have spent the last 30 years providing premium services, crafting exceptional blinds and delivering unparalleled customer services across Leeds and Wakefield. Furthermore, we continue to evolve and develop our offerings to ensure that customers are getting the best services possible. We achieve this by offering a quick, easy and efficient estimation service – allowing customers to enquire about prices from the comfort of their own home! If you have an upcoming renovation project or are looking into the prospect of decorating your home, Solaire Blinds are here for you.

For assistance submitting your measurements and photos for a cost estimation, contact our experts today. Alternatively, if you’d like a thorough estimate and a viewing of all of our products, book online for a consultation. 

Solaire Blinds’ online price estimation service

Here at Solaire, we understand how advantageous it is to make use of the digital world for almost everything you need to do. Consequently, our professional team is now on-hand to provide you with prices, information and advice online. This digitised process of price estimation is as simple as can be. By submitting photographs of your window(s) and rough window measurements, our fitters can gain a clear understanding of your situation – without needing to arrange a visit! From here, we will respond swiftly with price ranges for the various products we supply. Our services are much more extensive than simply notifying clients of costs and product types; we are also available to make any suggestions you may need. As an experienced team in the industry, we understand the technicalities of window dressing and have in-depth knowledge of how blind products can be used for different settings. As a result, we are able to discuss all of your options with you – suggesting the right materials, styles and mechanisms that meet your requirements. Moreover, one of the biggest benefits of this service is that it allows our manufacturers to create custom blinds much quicker – as we are able to acquire accurate measurements in a timely manner.

How we estimate the costs of blinds

The prices of the blinds at Solaire are unmatched. We offer fair, reliable price estimations to ensure that our quotes are cost-effective – offering the best prices possible. When a member of our team conducts a consultation, or when customers submit their information, we utilise this information to determine a cost per window. It is vital that we take a variety of aspects into account when predicting the costs associated with your blinds. 

Size matters

Firstly, a major contributor to the cost of your window blinds is the size of it. For example, a larger window will require substantial materials to perfectly fit the width and drop of it. By looking at clear photographs and precise measurements of your windows, we can supply you with the most accurate estimate. If a large window requires a substantial amount of specific fabric, the pricing will correlate with this.

Bespoke design

We pride ourselves on our in-house design and production processes. As a family-run business with over a decade of experience in the manufacturing of blinds, we are extremely attentive to the quality and durability of our products. We control and oversee the entire process from consultation to production to installation – every step of the way is handled with care. We take a customer-focused approach to ensure that all of our services are tailored to suit an array of preferences, settings and budgets. For this reason, the intricacy of custom designs and the quality and time we put into the creation of blinds, has an impact on the cost.


When you purchase blinds from Solaire, you don’t just benefit from top of the range blinds. Our customers also benefit from our professional installation service. Our friendly team is extremely diligent when it comes to installing blinds, making sure that each component is safely fixed to the window area. The associated costs incurred are determined by labour, travel distance and the time it takes to install the product, in some instances, the installation is free. 


Blinds come in a wide range of fabrics, all of which are designed for different effects. Each material type not only alters the atmosphere and overall appearance of the room, but they also manipulate light in different ways. We offer a plethora of blinds crafted with fabrics that serve different purposes. If you are looking at installing wooden blinds into your living room or dining room, this material is typically more expensive than synthetic fabric. However, all of our prices are affordable and a fantastic value for money. Although our price ranges are low, our products and services are of the highest possible quality. 


The type of blinds you wish to have installed in your home, office or commercial settings plays a big part in determining the quote costs. Our luxury blind options include roman blinds, which are made from a decorative, premium fabric. Other blind types that have a higher price tag include motorised blinds and shutters. Both of these require significant technological components that are much higher cost than a standard blind. 

Custom window blinds in Leeds and Wakefield

The products we design and produce in-house are of a premium standard as well as incredibly affordable for both domestic and commercial customers. In addition to offering incredibly low prices, we will beat any quote like-for-like, so you can always be sure you are getting the best price.

We are able to arrange a home visit so that you can see exactly how the blinds will look alongside your decor in the comfort of your own home, where Solaire Blinds can help you choose the best design for you. You tell us what date and time is convenient for you and our team will be happy to work with you. We understand that it might not always be a good time to have a team of blind specialists walking around your home. As so many of our valued customers maintain busy work and social lives, we find it beneficial to also offer an efficient online price estimation as an excellent alternative to a home consultation. With both options available to you, you can be sure to always find the best solution in finding the perfect blinds to compliment your home and budget. Feel free to ask us anything regarding our blinds or our service during your home or online consultation if you are unsure or have concerns.

Additionally, our brand new showroom is equipped with all of our products and colour options, giving people in Leeds, Wakefield, and the surrounding areas an unmatched selection of products. We offer a wide variety of colours from the Farrow & Ball paint range, so that you can be sure your home’s current colour scheme will be perfectly complemented.

We also provide commercial blinds for small and large businesses in Leeds and the surrounding areas, including schools and office spaces, as well as work with interior designers. Solaire Blinds is able to work with contractors, builders, and architectural firms to create the perfect commercial space, regardless of the size of the project. Our team is fully CSCS-qualified, which allows our team to work with you to create the perfect commercial space.

We work hard throughout Leeds and Wakefield and across West Yorkshire to provide homeowners and business owners with blinds that completely transform their property. We are happy to answer any and all queries you may have so please don’t hesitate to call us on 0345 222 0138, or alternatively fill out our online contact form and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

How to measure for blinds

In order to make the experience as stress-free and as convenient as possible, many of our customers find that our online estimation and ordering service is the best option.  However, we appreciate that measuring for blinds may be a daunting task but it isn’t as difficult as you may think.  Obviously, the type of blind you intend to have fitted can involve further measurements and we can offer specific guidance in that instance but here is a general step-by-step guide to help you:


  1. Firstly, identify if your window has a recess & decide if you would like your blind to fit inside or outside the recess.  A recess is the distance between the window pane and the wall that the window sits in.  It is recommended that you choose to fit your blind inside the recess space if it is a deep recess but if it is shallow, it could cause your blind to hang incorrectly.
  2.  If you choose to fit within the recess, make sure you use a metal tape measure as this will keep the tape taut and more accurate.  It’s a good idea to measure in 3 different places as not all windows (or walls) are straight. The shortest measurement is the one you should record for width.
  3. Repeat this process for the length and record the measurement at the narrowest point.
  4. If you are choosing vertical blinds with a recess fitting, it is likely a small deduction in the length will be necessary to prevent the fabric catching on the window sill but please give us the original measurement and we will determine the necessary deduction.
  5. If you are measuring for roller, roman or Venetian blinds with a recess fitting, please deduct 1cm from the width to ensure they can extend smoothly.  However, if our experts will be fitting your blinds, please give the original measurement and we will make this deduction.
  6. To measure for blinds without a recess, again, use a metal tape measure and add 10cm/4″ to the total width. This will ensure some overlap on either side of your window to block out light.  Next, measure the length of the window from the top down to your preferred length.
  7. If you have chosen to fit your blinds outside the recess, a track or bracket will also be required.  If this is the case, please begin your measurement for the length 5cm/2″ above the window frame.
  8. For roller blinds, please add a further 5cm/2″ to make room for the operating mechanism.
  9. For Venetian or vertical blinds, we recommend these are fitted inside the recess to give a neater finish.


Please note that blinds for a bay window, bi-folding door or roof/attic windows entail a more complex measurement process and it is recommended that you contact our experts to arrange an appointment for us to carry out the service on your behalf. Alternatively, we can provide full guidance over the telephone.


Our selection of high-quality products

We have a wide range of blinds to suit every taste and budget but, with all that choice, how do you decide?


Roller blinds are a popular and affordable option for most homes because they’re effective, come in a variety of colours and patterns, and they’re simple to use.  Roller blinds are the ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms and they are easy to pull up and down and many have a protective coating to guard against splashes.

Roman blinds are simple and adjustable with an attractive concertina folding effect.  They are available in many fabrics including silk, cotton and linen.

Venetian blinds are horizontal, slatted blinds available in a variety of materials including metal, wood or plastic. They’re a great option for homes and office spaces as you can control the amount of light entering the room.

Vertical blinds are a fantastic option for any window but look especially effective for large windows or patio doors as they hang like curtains from a track but unlike curtains, you can control the amount of light entering the room.

Panel blinds are an elegant choice of floor to ceiling windows and are available in a range of prints, fabrics and colours. They have the advantage of being able to also be used as room dividers.  

Pleated blinds are a fabulous option for skylights and conservatory roofs as they can help control the temperature in a room.  They’re available in many colours and fabrics including those with Solar Protective Coating and Energy Protective Coating which reduces glare and heat build-up.

Motorised blinds are remote-controlled and powered by solar energy, mains power or a lithium rechargeable battery and provide great convenience and luxury at the touch of a button.

Vision blinds (aka Day & Night blinds) consist of layers of opaque and translucent fabric which slide past each other as the blind is raised or lowered and can be set in two positions. Vision blinds are available in various colour and effect options from the Louvolite or Eclipse range.

Plantation shutters are a stylish and fashionable addition to any home and are available in hardwood, plastic or high-quality MDF. These shutters increase security and provide excellent light and privacy control.


Ready to transform your home? Make use of our comprehensive price estimation service today!

We aim to ensure that our valued customers can have their blinds installed as soon as possible. To achieve this, we encourage our customers to send across their photos and measurements so that we can produce and install your blinds without hesitation. For additional information or assistance measuring up, contact our friendly team today – we are always happy to help.