How to Remove Roller Blinds


Have you been wondering how to remove roller blinds but aren’t quite sure how to do it yourself? Whether you want to bring your blind down for cleaning, repairs, decorating or to replace it completely, there’s no need to be daunted.

When you know blinds inside out, the way we do at Solaire Blinds, it’s easy to point out the intricacies of roller blinds that you’ll need to bear in mind to get your blind down without any hassle. That’s why our blinds experts have put together this simple guide on how to take down a roller blind.

How to Remove Roller Blinds in 5 Simple Steps

Simply follow this guide to get started:

1. Fully Roll Away Your Blind

Use your blind chain to pull your roller blind completely away to the top. That way, it won’t get damaged while you are handling it, and you’ll have clear access to the brackets. Take this opportunity to unclip any safety devices which are an extra for roller blinds that keep tension in the cord for chains with a continuous loop.


2. Safely Reach the Height of the Blind and Identify the Brackets

At this point, if you can’t comfortably reach up to the height of the blind mounting brackets, position a ladder underneath it. Remember to get close enough that you can safely reach it without stretching.

Next, take a look at the two brackets on each side of the blind. The side with the chain is the control end, and the other side is the pin end.

3. Release the Blind from the Bracket

To take the blind out of its brackets, push the blind to the opposite side of the control and the pin end will detract. Push the control end up slightly towards the ceiling so the control end is released.

Tip: In some cases, the end of the blind with the chain is sprung, meaning that you can push the blind into that end to quickly release it. You can carefully test if you have this style by applying a small amount of pressure in that direction.

4. Lift or Slide the Roller Blind Out from the Brackets

Once you have the control end released, you can lift or slide that side of the blind out of the bracket freeing it completely.

Carefully bring the blind down the ladder with you, or ideally, pass it to a person assisting you.

5. Use a Screwdriver to Remove the Brackets

As an optional final step, you can remove the brackets from the window recess entirely. In most cases, you’ll do this by removing the screws from the bracket pieces or headrail. You can do this by using a drill with a compatible head for the screws. Simply use the reverse setting to remove the screws. You can use a screwdriver to do this, but it will take more manual force.

That process is exactly how to remove roller blinds – follow it and you’re sure to get the job done on your own with no problems. Remember that the control end has a square on the bracket and the pin end has a small circle. If your blind is motorised, both brackets will have crosses but the same instructions apply.


What You’ll Need to Take Down a Roller Blind Safely

You don’t need much to remove a roller blind from a window recess, as you can see from our list below. You simply need to locate:

  • A ladder or step if you can’t comfortably reach the blind while standing
  • A drill or screwdriver if you want to remove the brackets

Remember that when doing anything at height you should ensure your ladder is stable and have someone to brace it at the bottom for you.

If you do remove the screws from the wall you’ll probably need to fill the gap using a spreader, sand down the cavity filler and touch up the paintwork with paint the same colour as the existing wall, by using:

Give Your Roller Blinds a Deep Clean to Spruce up Your Space

Sometimes all you need to do to refresh your blinds is give them a proper clean. It can make all the difference to your environment. Now that you know how to take down a roller blind, you’ll be able to give our guide on how to clean blinds a read to get all the handy tips you need on how to properly clean blinds – from Venetian blinds to Wooden shutters – without damaging them.

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