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      Plantation Shutters in Leeds & Wakefield


      At Solaire Blinds, our Plantation Shutters are made of adjustable slats or louvres consisting of high-quality MDF, hardwood or PVC. Available in over 50 different colours, finishes and styles, our Plantation Shutter blinds are:

      – Great for controlling sound, light and privacy

      – Easy to clean and maintain, as well as to use

      – Weather-resistant, waterproof and therefore, built to last, making them a great investment

      So, whether you’re looking for a way to insulate and ventilate your home without breaking the bank – or compromising on style, our Plantation Shutters are an affordable, fashionable option.


      What Are Plantation Shutters?

      Created in the American South to combat humid weather, plantation shutters are large, wooden slats that sit within their frame – which are typically drilled to a window sill.

      Despite their permanent fixture, you can control how much light they let in. Thanks to their tilt rod, they can be fully closed, open, or anywhere in between.

      Attic bedroom plantation shutters

      Made to Measure: Solaire Blinds’ Bespoke Service

      Our plantation shutters are custom-made to your window by City and Guilds qualified joiners, who have the expertise to fit your shutters with the utmost care and precision. Even if your frame is arched or triangular, your shutter will fit perfectly because it’s bespoke.

      No matter the shape or size of your window or door frame, you can rest assured knowing that the plantation shutters you choose will fit perfectly. Not to mention, we’ll install your blinds in one simple fitting. So, you can get an up-market, stylish room aesthetic – without the hassle.

      Solaire Blinds’ Tilt Option Offers Versatility at Your Fingertips

      With Plantation Shutters from Solaire Blinds, you have the option of opening and closing your slats with or without tilt rods. Your tilt rods either run down the centre of the shutter panel, or they can be off-set to to give a sleeker look.

      You can even choose our Easy Tilt option. This allows you to open and close the slats with your fingertip – it’s that simple!


      Our Promise to You

      We have been successfully supplying shutters to Leeds, Wakefield, Dewsbury and Morley and their surrounding areas for many years, building up a reputation as a trusted, superior and friendly business.

      Our aim is customer satisfaction and we ensure the product we install will meet your unique needs. All of our wood comes from sustainable sources, meaning our shutters are environmentally friendly too.

      Lounge plantation shutters

      Solaire Blind’s Louvre Size Guide

      When it comes to having bespoke Plantation Shutters, the devil is in the detail, which is why our louvres are available in five different slat sizes, including:

      • 47mm
      • 63mm
      • 76mm
      • 89mm
      • 114mm

      Remember, louvres need to be chosen in relation to the size of your window. For more information on how to measure for blinds, check out our guide.


      Which Plantation Shutters Do We Offer?

      We supply fantastic and versatile Plantation Shutters, which includes:



      Our Seattle shutters are made from MDF coated with polymer – making them strong, durable, and smooth whilst providing an elegant finish.


      The multi-purpose Boston is made from hardwood panels with an engineered core to prevent the possibility of warping. They work well in all rooms and windows throughout the house as they provide extra durability.


      The customisable Montana is made from premium hardwood with an engineered core. When stained, the wood keeps its marvellous texture, working especially well with shaped windows.


      The sophisticated Georgia is made from materials including polymer louvres, MDF panels and frames – ensuring it is lightweight yet tough. Thanks to its durability, it works well over patio and bi-fold doors.


      The water-resistant Hollywood is made from ABS and is as adaptable as it is resistant. Its superior strength prevents warping, denting and chipping – and has a beautiful matte finish, working well in the bathroom and in the kitchen.


      All the shutters within our range are available in a variety of colours and shades. To find out more, contact us today, or view our gallery of blinds.


      Solaire Blinds’ Shutter Styles



      The top and bottom panels operate independently, offering fantastic flexibility.

      Café style

      Bring a European look to your home with these stunning shutters. They cover the bottom half of your window, allowing light to seep through while ensuring privacy.

      Full height

      A popular choice. Full height covers the entire window and each panel opens from top to bottom. The louvres can be separated by a mid-rail or split for more control.


      Great for large glass expanses or doors, like french windows and patio doors. These shutters slide on a track for ease of access.


      Solid panels are present here, as opposed to louvres. These shutters offer full coverage for your window.


      Perfect for original architecture and awkwardly shaped windows, such as portholes, arches and angles.


      Why Our Customers Chose to Work With Us

      From ordering the blinds to measuring, to fitting and the finished result, I am more than pleased with the knowledge and advice received from Solaire Blinds.

      James Corcoran

      Would recommend using Solaire Blinds. Fantastic service and good value for money.

      Jackie Gidding

      In case you need a bit of extra convincing, take a look at our customer review page, alternatively, head down to one of our blinds showrooms in Wakefield or Leeds to chat with a member of our expert team.


      Guidance from the British Blind & Shutter Association

      Here at Solaire Blinds, we’re proud members of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA). They’re a trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install blinds and shutters, meaning we’re fully up to date with all the latest regulations, best practice and training when it comes to supplying and fitting your blinds or shutters.

      You can find more information about Internal Shutters and their standard characteristics in this handy guide from the BBSA. If you have any questions about any of our blinds or shutters, please get in touch with our experts who’d be more than happy to help.




      How Much are Plantation Shutters?

      How much plantation shutters are depends on the scale of the job, your specific requirements, as well as the amount of time and materials needed to complete the job.

      The best way to find out for sure is to get in touch and book a consultation, so we can get an accurate idea of your needs and give a tailored quotation.


      Can Plantation Shutters be Painted?

      Yes, plantation shutters can be painted or stained.

      When you choose a set of plantation shutters from us, you can choose from a range of different colours and shades that will fit perfectly in your home or business premises.

      Our Accreditations

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