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Most people will have seen vertical blinds before, as they are very popular for both residential and commercial use.

Vertical Blinds are perfect for a variety of rooms due to their versatility and their durability. Vertical blinds are made up of vertical louvres or vanes, which are attached to a sliding track at the top and chains at the base to hold the vanes together. They are easily operated by a wand which is 100% child safe or chain and an individual cord. The cord opens and closes the blind, whereas the chain or wand rotates vanes for light filtering.

Vertical blinds come in a wide variety of colours, designs and fabrics, meaning that they can easily match the colour scheme of the room, or be used to create a stand out look that adds noticeable sophistication and style to the decor.

Vertical blinds are very easy to use and make a great choice for anyone wanting both privacy and to maximise the amount of natural light in the room. As the vanes can be adjusted and rotated, they are also perfect for rooms that face the sun, as they can be moved throughout the day to let light in while reducing glare from the sunlight.

Pewter vertical blinds

Which Vertical Blinds Do We Offer?


At Solaire Blinds we supply a huge range of stunning collections of Vertical Blinds to fit every style and budget, and no project is too big or too small.

We offer made-to-measure vertical blinds, which are especially great for wide windows, as they let large amounts of natural light in without compromising on privacy. They are also great for bi-fold and patio doors, as they’ll let in a cool breeze on summer nights, even when it’s dark outside.

Our vertical blinds are available in a huge range of colours, finishes and materials, including laminates, metallics and colours and patterns as extravagant as mineral silver, sunset and Como Orca. When you choose your vertical blinds with Solaire Blinds you’re sure to find something truly spectacular for your home. Are you feeling creative? At Solaire Blinds, you can pick up to 3 colours or designs for your vertical blinds, to make a striking pattern or gradient, and make your windows stand out in style.

We provide blinds with a difference, offering a waterproof range sure to give your bathroom that edge. These are incredibly versatile, and are available in the same beautiful prints, colours and textures as our regular vertical blinds, that also work well in the decor of your kitchen and lounge.

We also offer a range of extras such as anti-glare (great for summer) and blackout vertical blinds (great at night and for privacy), as well as blinds that are antibacterial and Pollergen treated, helping relieve hayfever sufferers and meaning less sneezing – yes please! Our child safety ‘Mono Control’ option is also available at no extra charge. Instead of having two looped cords to control your blinds, Mono Controlled blinds have a wand you can twist to rotate the individual vanes, and can push and pull to draw on the blind along the track. This means you don’t have to worry about anyone getting tangled up in the corded blinds!


Additional Options For Vertical Blinds


Our vertical blinds are so incredibly versatile, not only because of the huge variety of colours, sizes, lengths and patterns we can create our bespoke blinds with, but also due to the finishes and extra options available with our vertical blinds.

We can add anti-glare coating to our blinds, to help reduce sun glare in sun-facing windows and glass doors. While regular vertical blinds can help to reduce sun glare at certain angles, anti-glare vertical blinds ensure that you and your family won’t ever be bothered by sun glare on those lovely sunny days again.

For an extra layer of privacy in the bathroom, waterproof coatings can be added to our vertical blinds. This ensures you get all the regular benefits of vertical blinds, including privacy and maximised natural lights, in a bathroom setting. The waterproof coating also prevents mould or mildew growing in such a damp area. Waterproof coatings can be added to blinds in the kitchen, to ensure that they stay hygienic and that nothing dangerous is growing on the fabric of your kitchen blinds, especially in areas where there is usually a lot of steam, heat, water or grease.  Waterproofing your vertical blinds can give you peace of mind that there isn’t anything you don’t want on the fabric of your blinds, as well as giving you adjustable natural light, privacy, a fantastic look and superbly versatile addition to you kitchen or bathroom.

Vertical blinds are perfect for bifold doors and patio doors as they are breathable and can be adjusted as you need them. We can also add the revolutionary Pollergen coating by Louvolite, which is a life-saver for hayfever sufferers. Taking advantage of the naturally sticky properties of pollen, the Pollergen coating on vertical blinds catches this pollen by including a ‘tackifier’ in its formula. This helps to catch 50% of grass pollen before it enters the house, but it doesn’t stop there! The Pollergen coating also kills the active element in pollen, denaturing it and making it completely harmless to hayfever sufferers. Moreover, the active Pollergen formula is constantly regenerating and migrating to the surface of the fabric, ensuring its long-term effectiveness. Pollergen treated fabrics, including vertical blinds, can be washed and wiped down as usual. If you have suffered with pollen allergies and hayfever, you might find that Pollergen coated blinds can really change your life.

Vertical blinds in living room

What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds?

  • Great for light and privacy control.
  • Great for the inner designer, due to mix and matching options.
  • Can include extras and finishes that prolong their look, functionality and durability.
  • Made from heat-reflective, blackout and flame-retardant materials.

Vertical Blinds At Home Or At The Office

Vertical blinds are perfect for both at home and in commercial settings due to how simple and versatile they are. They’re also almost infinitely customisable so can really enhance the colour scheme of any home or office environment.


Why Choose Solaire Blinds?

At Solaire Blinds, we are dedicated to helping our customers get great-looking, great-value blinds and curtains for their homes. We are passionate about helping people decorate their homes and offices with striking and beautiful curtains and blinds that look amazing and suit your personality and the personality of your home perfectly.

Our blinds are fitted bespoke to your home, and our team of expert fitters will be there to help you every step of the way to getting the perfect blinds solution for your home. We make all of our blinds bespoke to your home, so that you can be sure that you’ll get blinds that suit you and give the room a stand-out appearance.

We keep our prices affordable for everyone, and will beat any like for like quote, so you know that when you work with Solaire Blinds, you’re getting the best possible prices for your blinds, as well as getting a product that will stand the test of time, and make your home look incredible.


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