What Are the Best Blinds for Bifold Doors?


If you’re on the hunt for the best blinds for bifold doors, Solaire Blinds are on hand to help. We’re experts in blinds solutions, with decades of experience in matching people with their perfect made-to-measure blinds.

In recent years, bifold doors have become enormously popular, and for good reason. When open, they can fold out completely, removing the barrier between the outdoors and inside. This is the perfect way to make the most of your space in the warmer months. And even when they’re shut they offer floor-to-ceiling light to illuminate your living space.

However, the reality of all of that glass can become problematic on a daily basis – from not wanting the sun to stream through these huge panes of glass on hot days to craving some much-needed privacy. That’s why it’s important to find a window covering that works for your bifold doors.

That’s where we come in. At Solaire Blinds we offer a range of completely bespoke blinds and shutters, manufactured in-house. That way, we can ensure a perfect fit for your bifold doors that complement your home.

How do I Choose the Best Blinds for Bifold Doors?

While we can create any blinds, some blinds styles will work far better in the space than others. Just like conservatory blinds, bifold blinds serve the purpose of covering a large surface area, however, they also have to work in a space where the doors can fold inwards.

Here are the priorities to consider:

  • Getting a good fit – The two best ways to ensure a seamless fit are to install blinds which pull down across multiple doors from above or fit exactly to the panes of the doors themselves. This also tackles heat loss.
  • Adaptability – Blinds for bifold doors need to be quick to flexibly pull down and put away.
  • Won’t be damaged by doors opening inwards – Bifold doors often sit in recesses that can make fabric blinds or shutters difficult to install because of the need for them to roll away completely when the doors are open.

Why Not Just Use Curtains for Bifold Doors?

Curtains are a perfectly good option for bifold doors and some people even use both to combat heat loss. However, where blinds really outshine curtains is in their ability to seamlessly blend in with their environment. Especially with Solaire Blinds’ extensive range of colours and fabrics. Curtains will always be in view, whereas blinds can be almost invisible to the eye when rolled away.

bifold doors

Which Blinds Work the Best With Bifold Doors?

The best blinds for bifold doors will meet all of the criteria above. Fortunately, there are several styles of our Leeds blinds range that are well suited to bifold doors: perfect blinds and roller blinds. They have the advantage of meeting all of the criteria above whilst being able to be fitted into a recess or wall above bifold doors.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect fit blinds are a hugely popular option for covering bifold doors. Not only do they fit snugly to the exact surface area of the door but they also nest into the recess of the window, meaning that they fit flush against each individual pane of glass.

  • Perfect fit blinds offer a completely unobtrusive option. As the blinds sit flush against the panes of glass they’re made-to-measure and fit snugly.
  • Two runners are installed to run the vertical length of the doors and are attached directly to the sides of the window pane. The blinds are then free to be rolled up and down along the length of them.

Book a FREE Design Visit to Plan Your Perfect Fit Blinds

If you’re ready to learn more about how perfect fit blinds could blend perfectly into your space, contact us today. Take advantage of a completely free design visit, either in our Leeds blinds showroom, Wakefield blinds showroom, or even from the comfort of your home.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our perfect fit blinds are the best blinds for bifold doors and organise a home visit. We’ll find the perfect set for you and measure your space up, free of charge.

Roller Style Blinds

Roller blinds are a good option because when they are fully rolled away you’ll still be able to open the bifold doors all the way with no obstructions. When closed, you’ll have full coverage from your blinds that give privacy as well as helping to retain indoor heat or keep direct sunlight out.

  • If you’re looking for clean lines and simple operation, roller blinds could be the option for you.
  • To give the ability to completely open up the back of a house, people often opt for multiple bifold doors or doors with 4+ panes that concertina together.
  • This means that you’ll often need multiple roller blinds to cover the breadth of your bifold doors. This is something to bear in mind. We can help to make sure your roller blinds cover as much space as possible.


We Manufacture In-House for a Perfect Fit Every Time

At Solaire, we cut out the middleman and manufacture all of our blinds and shutters in-house. This means that we can create blinds that are not only up to Solaire’s high standard of quality every time, but also make them truly bespoke.

Fitting blinds to bifold doors will only look and function seamlessly if the fit is exact. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a cumbersome window fitting that just gets in the way.

Our made-to-measure blinds can be tailored to your bi-fold doors, down to the millimetre. That means a guaranteed snug fit in whichever recess your doors have available. Solaire Blinds always look like they were made just for your home – because they are.

bifold doors with blinds

The Benefits of Installing Blinds in Bifold Doors

Keep Heat Loss at Bay

Whenever you heat your home, you’re bound to experience heat loss. However, it can happen far more quickly due to various vulnerabilities in the home and points with poor insulation such as gaps in and around windows.

So how do we prevent it? If you’ve been wondering do blinds keep heat in? – you’d be right. They work by trapping and plugging any tiny gaps while also trapping a layer of air for insulation. This can be a big help in reducing heat loss, especially on bifold doors which have a large surface area to lose heat from.

Make the Most of Solar Gain

During the day, the sun that shines through window panes helps to warm up your home – this is called solar gain. It might sound obvious, but if you have something blocking it, you won’t benefit from solar gain. A blind that’s easily fitted to your windows, and isn’t cumbersome to operate, means you can take advantage of solar gain during the day and minimise heat loss at night.

Retain Privacy

Bifold doors give you the freedom to open your home up during Summer while also taking advantage of as much light as possible in the Winter months. That leaves you with the issue of privacy. Blinds are the natural choice to allow you to retain privacy whenever you wish and simply roll out of sight when not in use.

Speak to a Member of Solaire Blinds Staff Today

Unsure how blinds could fit your bifold doors? We can help. Simply get in touch with our friendly blinds experts to discuss your options. We’ve been in business for decades so our friendly staff know exactly how to get the best from your window fittings.

We’ll even dispatch a member of the Solaire Blinds team to measure your space at a time that’s convenient for you. That way you can be sure that your new blinds will fit your home perfectly.



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If you’re on the hunt for the best blinds for bifold doors, Solaire Blinds are on hand to help. We’re experts in blinds solutions, with decades of experience in matching people with their perfect made-to-measure blinds. In recent years, bifold doors have become enormously popular, and for good reason. When open, they can fold out… Read more »

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