Do Blinds Keep Heat In?


A question that bothers many homeowners across the UK – for good reason! – is ‘do blinds keep heat in?’ and if so, which are the best blinds to keep heat in?. Ultimately, the answers to these questions depend on your home, and a range of factors that you can control to help its energy efficiency, rather than hinder it. As one of those factors, blinds can help you keep heat in your home. Uncover more about the issue with Solaire Blinds and our vast blinds-related expertise, below.

So, Do Blinds Keep Heat In or Not?

Blinds do keep heat in, particularly when they have multiple layers, reflective surfaces, or are made of thick fabrics that help trap heat and prevent it from escaping through your windows. Without a doubt, they’re an additional and invaluable barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world. But, blinds aren’t all the same – and they certainly aren’t all made with the same properties or purposes in mind.

Factors that influence how much heat your blinds retain include:

  • The Type of Blinds – Certain types of blinds keep heat inside more than others. Consider roller blinds with zipped side channels, for example – they can reduce heat loss by up to 33%. Cellular blinds also have a unique structure that provides better insulation by trapping air!
  • The Type of Installation – Proper installation is necessary to bolster the heat-efficiency properties of your blinds, but it also matters whether they’ve been mounted inside or outside the window frame. An inside mount installation defends against heat loss better.
  • The Material and Colour – At Solaire Blinds, we’ve always provided window blinds in a vast range of colours, textures and materials. If customers choose to purchase darker-coloured or reflective blinds from us, we know they may also benefit from reduced heat loss.

The Best Blinds to Keep Heat Inside

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list of the best blinds to keep heat in, the following examples are Solaire Blinds’s picks of the blind types that have features that help retain heat better.

  • Cellular Blinds – The ‘honeycomb’ structure of Solaire’s cellular blinds reduces heat loss by creating a layer of insulation that sits between the temperature of your room and the window. For rooms with extreme temperature variations, double-cell blinds are best.
  • Day and Night Blinds – Day and night blinds are often selected by Solaire Blinds’ customers as a top choice for blinds for bedrooms. They also make a great choice for reducing heat loss due to their great thermal efficiency. The easy adjustment makes it simple to filter natural light and control the flow of heat in your home.
  • Shutters and Wooden Blinds – Solaire’s wooden blinds are ideal for keeping heat inside the home because wood is an effective insulating material with a high resistance to the flow of heat. Colonial shutters are another great option available in wood.

Guarding against Heat Loss in Windows

Windows cause heat loss because, simply put, glass is not a good insulator! Through convection currents, air near windows can also cool and sink, which causes heat loss. Blinds help prevent heat loss because they provide a much-needed layer of insulation that acts as a barrier against the transfer of heat to the outside. Well-selected blinds work efficiently to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, and reduce draughts.

Blinds Help You Take Advantage of Solar Heat Gain during the Day

The sun generates solar radiation, and from this solar radiation, we receive a massive amount of heat here on Earth! As a result, solar heat gain is the measurement of the increase in temperature in a structure that results from this solar radiation.

Blinds can help you take advantage of this solar heat gain through windows, particularly motorised blinds that can be opened and closed at the push of a button. This is because, when you open your blinds in the winter months, you maximise the amount of solar heat brought into the home, which warms it up! Similarly, by closing the blinds in the hotter summer months, heat is reduced. Ultimately, blinds are ideal because they trap an insulating layer of air in the evening, but are easy to open in the day to bask in that direct sunlight.

Extra Tips for Maximising Heat Efficiency in Your Home

Aside from purchasing the best blinds to keep heat in, or perusing window coverings that are well-fitted to prevent air leaks, there are a few other ways to maximise heat efficiency in the home.

Consider these extra tips to help with heat loss from windows, for example:

  1. Invest in Double Glazing – Double-glazed windows are much more heat efficient compared to single-pane windows. Because double-glazed windows have two layers of glass separated by a gas-filled space, the movement of heat is slowed down by an extra barrier. They also are less prone to condensation, and are well-insulated. This is an investment we’d highly recommend.
  2. Buy Insulating Curtains – Insulating curtains work hard to prevent substantial heat loss during the day. By investing in thermally insulated curtains throughout the home, maximising your heat efficiency becomes a simple task.
  3. Seal Gaps with Caulk – Often, a lot of heat is lost through the gaps in windows that we can barely see. An energy-efficient window should be letting no cold air in at all. You can generally feel this cold breeze by placing your hand in front of the window. However, these gaps can be sealed easily with caulk!
  4. Open Your Blinds During the Day – Though too much natural sunlight can be harsh and glaring in the home, it is good practice to open your blinds during the day so that the sunlight can heat your home. By closing your blinds at night, you retain heat as much as possible.

Find Quality Blinds That Work Hard for You

It’s harder than you might think to find quality blinds that work hard for you and your home. This is where Solaire Blinds’ bespoke blinds really shine. We provide quality blinds in both material and manufacture that fit exactly into your window space. The installation is snug, precise and perfect! No draughts or cold spots will invade your home, helping to keep heating bills down.

Come Down to a Solaire Blinds Showroom to See for Yourself

Seeing is believing, and our blinds showrooms in Wakefield and Leeds display the best of our window blinds to all customers who prefer to see for themselves in person.

Be guided through our wide range of blinds, fabrics and styles by one of our experienced showroom blinds experts. Gain an insight into our best heat retaining blinds, like our thrillingly innovative reflective roller blinds which defend against heat loss when it’s cold, and shield your home from strong direct sunlight when it’s hot.

Book a Free Design Consultation Today

At Solaire Blinds, we provide our clients with a free design service to help them select the perfect blinds for their homes. Our range of window blinds and window coverings is extensive, with the choice to pick from a vast range of fabrics and textiles.

Though, if you’d prefer to design your blinds at home we can also have an expert Solaire representative come and measure your space in a home visit throughout the North West. Our staff are as friendly as they are experienced, and well-equipped to provide a design consultation that takes your unique requirements into account.

To book your free design consultation, and take advantage of a Solaire no-obligation quote, contact us at your earliest convenience.


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