Window Blind Trends to Look Out For in 2022


Last year, as more and more of us enjoyed staycations and remote working due to restrictions, four in five homeowners decided to give their property a full makeover. Although the world is starting to open up again, people are now looking for the finishing touches to complete their perfect home.

Whether you have something in mind or need a little inspiration, our team of interior blind experts has put together this simple guide to help you make the perfect choice for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or… well, anywhere you’d like to hang a blind! We’ve got something for everyone – from tastes ranging from modern alternatives to ones that boast a bit of natural beauty, here are the window blind trends to look out for this year. 

Wood-n’t It Be Nice

Bring the beauty of wood and nature itself indoors with the earthy look of real (or even faux) wooden blinds. Compatible with different blind styles, these warm and textured interior elements can transform any room into an organic oasis. With a real interest in sustainable and eco-friendly products fuelling the conscious consumer movement, it makes sense that wooden blinds are booming in popularity and can be installed with horizontal slats or even as a blackout roller blind, thanks to breath-taking fabric designs that mimic natural wood grain. With the sheer amount of customisable potential in this trend, we can see this one really growing on us.

Looking Smart

The proliferation of intelligent domestic technology in all aspects of the home has got to be one of the biggest developments made in recent years, with 23% of Britain’s 66.44 million people using a smart item. So, it only makes sense that smart blinds would make the cut for this year, marking a perfect choice for the tech-savvy buyer looking to optimise their interior design. The upmarket cousin to electric blinds, this smart option comes in a range of colours, coatings and blind types that can benefit most needs. Motorised blinds can tap into the tech of your smartphone and be controlled remotely, allowing you to fully control the timing – and privacy – of who can look into your windows even if you’re not at home. From Bluetooth, smart hubs and a huge choice in motorisation options, you can fully customise how your home looks and feels, wherever you are. 

Neutral by name, never by nature

Palettes come and go, but neutrals are never not in style. Once considered the base of interior design creation, these surprisingly rich tones – from beige to more natural hues like terracotta and browns – are the most popular choice of colours for 2022. Known for bringing a cosy and homely angle to your home, these are timeless shades to add to your window blind collection and will match most properties, from small Victorian terraces to grand, modernistic freebuilds. Other colours to look out for this year also take their inspiration from the natural world, with seaside-inspired blues and forest greens making their way into our window blinds. 

A Blind of Many Talents

Now that many of us are using our homes as offices, workspaces and study rooms, the need to create beautiful but functional spaces with multiple uses has certainly shown itself. Roller blinds fitted with sheer fabrics in sleek, modern textures and colours expertly divide a space and guarantee privacy when needed – without dominating the whole room. Light-filtering options and darkening liners also provide another aspect to control when you need it most, allowing you to be as productive as possible without leaving the comfort of your home. And with electric roller options, the work day can end with the simple flick of a switch, allowing you to relax and enjoy that free-flowing space once more.

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