What Are the Benefits of Day and Night Blinds?


Day and Night blinds are a popular choice for people looking to control their home’s natural light but still maintain their contemporary style, alongside their right to privacy while enjoying the space they worked so hard for. As opposed to night blackout blinds, which are usually traditional roller blinds made up of one long stretch of opaque fabric, Day & Night blinds give you ultimate flexibility over incoming light at any time of day. With their broad colour ranges and fabric choices, these blinds are an ideal style solution for people looking for maximum privacy control while maintaining the look of warm, bright spaces. 

How Do Day and Night Blinds Work?

Day & Night blinds are a fantastic combination of simplistic, but incredibly customisable, design and effortless functionality. These blinds use horizontal strips of opaque fabric, or panels, that slot together easily to give you complete control over harsh light and also help to preserve your home’s privacy. These can be easily opened or closed with the help of a control chain to allow you to filter the amount of view or light from the outside world. 

When fully closed, the strips of fabric slide together to give you the utmost level of privacy, which can be opened in the tiniest increments to still give you all the benefits of external light while protecting your home from prying eyes. 

A Day & Night roller blind can be the perfect addition to any style of home, with their double fabric layers making a fantastic opportunity to add a block of colour to your room. When combined with their capability to create different passages of light throughout their horizontal strips, these are great at stopping even the brightest summer sunshine from fading your sofa or protecting your screen from streetlight glares when settling in for a night of movie viewing. 

Much like a regular roller blind, you can add a remote-controlled electric mechanism that allows you to take charge of the light and darkness in your home and efficiently close or open the opaque panels from anywhere in the room.  

Where Can You Fit Day & Night Blinds?

Day & Night blinds are incredibly versatile when used within the home and can suit any space, from wide windows in a living space to smaller spots in the bathroom. Thanks to its control over light intensities, the best places to enjoy the full benefits of these blinds are usually bedrooms and nurseries, where the brain needs optimum darkness in order to get a proper night’s sleep. Regardless of colour or pattern, this blackout fabric can make sure that everyone can sleep soundly, while also maintaining privacy. 

Offices can also benefit from these blinds as letting in serotonin-boosting light – without that irritating glare – means that we can use laptops and computers without issue, guaranteeing better productivity and happier home working. For homes with home media systems or gaming set-ups, these opaque fabric panels are life-savers, allowing you to immerse yourself in whatever you’re watching without distracting shadows or light coming from outside. But should you need a quick popcorn break, it’s easy enough to tilt them back and get the full use out of your light control options. 

The only place that these blinds will struggle is on sloping windows, especially when they are bracketed to a tilted angle. This shift will stop the layers of fabric from sitting cohesively with one another, which will let light bleed in – quite the opposite of what they’re made for! For those of you looking for a window-covering for a sloped wall full of character, then we recommend vertical blinds as an ideal solution

How Do I Know Which Blind Is Best for Me? 

The best way to find out if a blind is right for your home and your specific needs is to come and talk to us directly! Our interior experts are more than happy to answer any questions you have about blinds, design queries, or customisation options, and love to go above and beyond in helping customers achieve the look of their dreams. The easiest way to do this is by exploring our showroom on 540 Wakefield Road in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where you can find our wide range of blinds and shutters from homes and businesses alike. If you’re keen to start your blinds journey with us as soon as possible, you can also book a no-obligation consultation with our knowledgeable fitters, who can come to your property and measure up for you directly. 



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