From £30 including fitting*

What are Vertical Blinds?

With quality vertical blinds available from £30 including installation, get in touch online or call 0345 222 0138 to arrange your free home consultation. Vertical Blinds are made up of vertical louvres/vanes attached to a sliding track at the top and chains at the base. They are easily operated by a wand which is 100% child safe or chain and an individual cord. The cord opens and closes the blind, whereas the chain/wand rotates them for light filtering. As they come in various colours, designs and fabrics, they can easily match your colour scheme, or create a stand out look that adds noticeable sophistication and style.

Which Vertical Blinds Do We Offer?

We supply a huge range of stunning collections of Vertical Blinds. We offer made-to-measure blinds, especially great for wide windows, bi-fold and patio doors. Available in laminates, metallics and colours and patterns as extravagant as mineral silver, sunset and Como Orca, you’re sure to find something spectacular. We provide blinds with a difference, offering a waterproof range sure to give your bathroom that edge. Available in beautiful prints, colours and textures that also work well in the kitchen and lounge.

We also offer a range of extras such as anti-glare (great for summer) and blackout (great at night and for privacy) Vertical Blinds, as well as those that are antibacterial and pollergen treated. Less sneezing. Yes please. Child safety ‘Mono Control’ option available at no extra charge. Feeling creative? Pick up to 3 colours or designs and make your window stand out in style.


What Are The Benefits Of Vertical Blinds?

  • Great for light and privacy control.
  • Great for the inner designer, due to mix and matching options.
  • Can include extras and finishes that prolong their look, functionality and durability.
  • Made from heat-reflective, blackout and flame-retardant materials.


Get in touch today to find out more about our vertical blinds and to organise a home visit. Call 0345 222 0138 or use our contact form