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If you’re in Wrenthorpe and looking to upgrade your window blinds or shutters, get yourself down to Solaire Blinds in Yorkshire – home of top-quality, affordable blinds and shutters.

At Solaire Blinds, our friendly customer service team has over three decades of industry experience in blinds altogether, so if you favour an unusual design or you’re after something for a basic commercial space, Solaire Blinds will have just what you’re looking for in a selection of colours, finished with a functional design.

We offer a range of the finest blinds alongside high-quality products and services for any type of window. So, whatever you have in mind, you can rest assured that you will end up with a stylish living space, no matter the size of your project in West Yorkshire.


What types of blinds are best for your home in Wrenthorpe?


The first thing to consider when finding the best window blinds for your property is how practical the products are for your needs. If you’re after something versatile with a range of fabric choices for your windows, Venetian blinds that allow you to control the amount of light and the level of privacy for you and your family might be perfect for you.

When controlling the light levels within your home is the number one priority, blackout (or Day & Night) blinds are likely to be one of the best options. At Solaire Blinds, you can choose from blackout and designer fabrics from our extensive fabric collection, so whether you’re decorating the master bedroom or a modern family bathroom, you can be sure your home remains stylish.

Wooden blinds are a perfect product for any room or window type. They offer a functional design with several types of finish available: Venetian and Faux wood are the most commonly used as their range easily complements an array of colours and curtains.

Panel Blinds are different in that they’re made from a hanging piece of fabric attached to a track at the top of the window. Blinds with fabrics add a touch of sophistication to family-sized rooms with large windows or doors especially.

One of the most popular designs is our perfect-fit range, often used as commercial blinds in Wrenthorpe. These blinds ensure privacy at all times and, with fabric materials like our moisture-resistant ones, they also work wonders in kitchen areas as they protect the windows from condensation.


Are window shutters a good fit for your home?


Finding the best-quality window shutters is never an easy feat, but with Solaire Blinds’ attractive designs and plantation shutters in Wrenthorpe, the job is made a little easier.

Depending on your décor and personal preference, you may opt for the classic plantation shutter – the most popular and affordable type. The classic is extremely versatile because of its availability in five shades of white together with some creams and greys. This provides benefits for family homes – children’s bedrooms, for example – where they might suffer from scrapes or bumps.

Similarly, the Marchwood is a stylish and strong choice, available in 23 shades of white, creams and greys, making it ideal for any bedroom design throughout the house.

Kingston, Cleveland and Vienna are the other types of shutters you can purchase from Solaire Blinds. Each has its unique set of characteristics, but they’re all customisable, sophisticated in appearance and both lightweight and tough, offering a range of bedroom benefits.

No matter what type of shutter you go for, plantation shutters will increase the value of your home and will add at least some financial value to your property.

The team at Solaire Blinds have a reputation for building fantastic relationships with customers, always aiming to provide the very best service possible. We offer free consultations for anyone looking to buy new blinds or shutters for their home.