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Your number one choice for blinds and shutters in the Castleford area is Solaire Blinds. We offer a range of products from vertical blinds to roller blinds in Castleford as well as a professional fitting service. 

You can fully customise your buying experience with our excellent customer service team who work around the clock to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your order. With hundreds of quality fabrics to choose from, even more beautiful colours, and a guaranteed friendly service, you certainly won’t leave empty-handed or disappointed.


Window Blinds in Castleford: Finding the Right Blinds for Your Home

The first thing to consider when choosing window blinds for your home is the colour and style of the existing furniture in your home. Minimalistic house owners might opt for earthy colours around the home, whilst houses with a modern space may want a range of fabrics and an array of colours for their living space. At Solaire Blinds, we can assist with colour matching, which may be ideal for you if you’re experimenting with a multitude of colours.

The next thing you should decide on is the fabric that you want for your blinds, depending on whether you want more control over light level, if you have awkward window space, or if you are house remodelling, for example. The fabric collection at Solaire Blinds is second to none and you’ll be sure to find a perfect fit with them.

A Venetian blind is a great option because it fits with the majority of decorating styles, and they are also available to purchase for very reasonable prices. This type of blind offers a high level of light control and privacy and is very easy to open and close – one of the reasons why they’re such a popular choice for commercial spaces and conservatory blinds.

Once you know the type of blinds you’d like, it’s time to look for an affordable and dependable service. If you’re in the middle of a house move and aren’t able to measure your space, Solaire Blinds offers perfect-fit blinds in a number of fresh styles to ensure that you don’t have to compromise fresh colours or beautiful fabrics for the ideal fit. 

With our blinds and shutters services in Castleford, you can choose from a range of blinds and prices and benefit from a free consultation service. We will bring everything to you so you can make your decisions from the comfort of your own home, as well as take the time to accurately measure your windows for you whilst we are there. Why not book your free design consultation today?


The best window shutters in West Yorkshire

We have been successfully supplying shutters to the Castleford area for many years, creating a reputation for ourselves as a trusted business. Our competitive prices, alongside our excellent customer service skills, ensure happy customers, no matter how challenging or unique their needs are. 

Traditional shutters are a good option for extra security and for ensuring that no light gets through, whereas plantation shutters allow you to control the amount of light coming into a room. At Solaire Blinds, the plantation shutters you choose will be custom made to fit your window. With many examples of this complete service available to view online, you can see for yourself the high quality of our work.

The classic style of plantation shutter is the most popular, and always affordable. It’s made from an MDF-coated polymer to ensure that it remains smooth, durable, and appears elegant. There are five shades of white available, along with some creams and greys too. 

Another multi-functional option is Marchwood. This type of shutter is made from hardwood panels with MDF frames that are both easy to maintain and strong. There are 23 shades of whites, creams and greys to choose from, guaranteeing you’ll find a colour that works throughout your entire house. 

Kingston, Cleveland and Vienna are the other types of shutters you can purchase from Solaire Blinds. Each has its unique set of characteristics, but they’re all customisable, sophisticated in appearance and both lightweight and tough. 

No matter what type of shutter you go for, be aware that plantation shutters will increase the value of your home and, after you’ve invested in them, they will add at least some financial value to your property. 

For more information about our shutters and blinds in Castleford, get in touch with Solaire Blinds today. If you are ready to take the next step towards your bespoke blinds or shutters in Castleford, book your free home consultation today for a time that best suits you and your family.