Vertical and Panel Blinds

Vertical blinds are desirable because they work great on larger, or floor to ceiling, windows. They’re suitable for both domestic use in homes and conservatories as well as commercial use for offices.

The popularity of this type of blind partly comes down to how they can be used to provide maximum privacy but also can be adjusted using a chain to provide flexible levels of sunlight whilst still providing relative privacy.

Our vertical blinds start at just £30 and are available in many designs and colours so that there is always going to be a style to suit your home. You can view our vertical and panel blind designs here.

Panel blinds are stylish and have large panels that look sleek as they slide on top of each other to control the level of light in the room.

These blinds are desirable in rooms that need to eliminate all light  at any given time (such as a living room where standard blinds can often seep light through them onto the TV), whilst still being able to have maximum light levels are other times.

Parchment vertical blinds Green linen vertical blinds Oslo panel blinds

Why choose Solaire Blinds?

All our blinds are handmade by our expert team who have accumulated over 30 years in the industry so you can be confident that our blinds are some of the best around.

We don’t only manufacturer and install blinds – we’ll advise you on what blinds would best suit the style of your home. We’ll even come to your home and sample some of our vertical and panel blinds so that you can see how they’ll look before you commit to purchasing them.

We’ve got many positive testimonials from our existing customers, you can read them here. You can also view our latest work on our Facebook page here.


Where we operate

We are able to server customers in Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield and all the surrounding areas.

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