Covid-19 Health and Safety & Returning to Work

We will be returning to work with our new procedures in place from Monday 18 May 2020.  We are initially at 50% capacity so we have a reduced amount of appointments and we are allowing more time per appointment to ensure the government guidelines can be met.

I ordered some blinds before lockdown, when will they be installed?

Our factory will be reopened from Monday 25 May 2020, although we have been continuing to manufacture throughout the lockdown for a short period to catch up with orders.  We think the fairest thing to do is to manufacture and install the blinds in the order they were placed with us.  We will contact you to arrange the installation and make an appointment if the criteria under “Who can make an appointment?” can be met.

How can I book an appointment?

The government guidelines from 11 May 2020 state that businesses should find remote alternatives to in-home appointments.  In the first instance we ask that all customers let us know the product they are looking for and either provide us with an image of the window/s they would like blinds or shutters by sending us a message to 07809895712 (text, Whatsapp or through Facebook Messenger), or by sending us an email to  If you have some approximate measurements this will enable us to give you an online quote to give you an idea of the costs involved prior to a home visit.

We encourage customers to be in a position to proceed with an order and only have us visit their home to confirm measurements/fabric choices in order to reduce exposure and risk.

At this stage we will only be carrying out measuring and installation between the hours of 9am-5pm to ensure that there is enough time for tools, equipment and vehicles to be cleaned.

Who cannot book an appointment?

We will not make an appointment for measuring or installation under any of the following circumstances:

  • If anyone in the household is shielding;
  • If anyone in the household is self-isolating;
  • If anyone in the household has shown symptoms of the virus within the last 14 days;
  • If anyone in the household has travelled outside the UK and returned within the last 14 days.

If an appointment has been made and someone in the household shows symptoms of the virus, please let us know as soon as possible and the appointment will be cancelled and rearranged.  Please give as much notice as possible but we understand if this can only be at short notice.  There will be no cancellation charges.

How will I be able to choose a fabric?

Please let us know what product you are looking for before we attend the appointment.  This will ensure that we can bring in the books/samples just for the product you are looking for and reduce the risk of exposure for other households.

We will only allow samples to be touched if your hands have been washed for 20 seconds with hot water and soap or anti-bacterial hand gel and that you only touch what is absolutely necessary.

How long will my order take to be made and installed?

We manufacture the majority of our products at our factory in Yorkshire with a handful of other products manufactured in Nottingham.  We estimate that orders will be ready for installation in around 3 weeks, however, extensions to this may occur in the short term and any customer will be notified of this.  Express delivery is not available at this time.

As our products are made to measure, we unfortunately cannot provide deposit refunds for cancelled orders due to these extensions.

Installation of blinds

To ensure government guidelines can be met, when we attend to install your blinds/shutters we ask that the room/s that are to have blinds installed have windows and doors open and that all ornaments and furniture are moved away from the window to ensure easy access. We will open the window for ventilation if this has not been done prior to our visit.

Whilst the installation is taking place, we ask that you leave the room to enable us to carry out the works as quickly as possible.

As the government have advised against using personal protective equipment over and above what is usually needed, we will not be wearing protective gloves or masks, however, we do have these available in our vehicles if necessary.  All our surveyors and installers have hygiene stations in their vehicles where they can sanitize their hands and clean their tools.  Hands and work equipment will be cleaned before entering a customer’s home and again when we leave, and all tools and vehicles will have a thorough clean at the end of the day.

How can I pay for my order?

Our preferred method of payment is via bank transfer and all balance payments are due the day before installation takes place.  If you do not have access to online banking, we do accept cash and cheques, but we would like to keep this to a minimum and request that they are put in an envelope days before the appointment.  At the moment as our showroom is closed, we cannot accept card payments.